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Brief introduction to building aluminum plate

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The aluminum plate used in the building includes a variety of materials such as single layer aluminum plate and compound aluminum plate. Usually, it often refers to single layer aluminum plate (also called single aluminum plate or pure aluminum plate). It is used in architectural decoration engineering. Aluminum plate curtain wall is a form of curtain wall, which is simply made of aluminum plate instead of glass curtain wall. Aluminum curtain walls are mostly used for wall protection and non lighting walls. The aluminum curtain walls abroad have been selected for single layer aluminum plates. As far as aluminum plate curtain wall is used at present, the single layer aluminum plate is more common. Because it can get a variety of colors of spraying surface, it has good strength, low cost and long life. If it does not contact steel directly, the aluminum plate is hanging on the wall. It will not fall off and corrosion for 50 years.

Comparison of composite aluminum plate and aluminum alloy sheet

Texture of material

Composite aluminum plate: two layers of 0.5mm thick pure aluminum plate sandwiched with PVC or PEC plastic roller and heated together.

Aluminum alloy sheet: 2 - 3mm aluminum alloy plate.

PVDF coating

Composite aluminum plate: one time roll printing, the coating thickness is generally 20 micron meter.

Aluminum panel: 2 or 3 times spray coating, coating thickness is generally 30 - 40 micron meter.


Aluminum composite plate: a variety of selectable colors, color system main component monochromatic and illusory color system, patented color products are attached to the surface, excellent durability and good color.

Aluminum panel: color can be selected according to design and owner's requirements.


Composite aluminum plate: can be up to 20 years, free of maintenance.

Aluminum panle: up to 15 years, mostly due to wind pressure and deformation.


Aluminum composite plate: four angle opening.

Aluminum panel: four angle welding close.

Wind resistance

Aluminum composite plate: anti wind pressure deformation is small, import composite plate wind resistance strength is very high.

Aluminum panel: anti wind pressure deformation is large, easy to deformation.

Anti temperature denaturation

Aluminum composite plate: composite board made by ordinary glue processing technology. The expansion coefficient of aluminum plate and plastic is quite different, so it is easy to bubble and peel off.

Aluminum panel: the same material has no effect on the wallboard itself when the temperature changes.